EDP Selected by US Forest Service to Develop Online Training in 2016

Following on the success of online training videos created for NASA in recent years, Effective Digital Presentations has been awarded a contract by the US Forest Service to develop similar training videos in 2016. The videos will provide essential training for new hires and current employees of the US Forest Service.

“Building on the foundation we have established in delivering online training for federal government clients such as NASA is a primary objective for EDP,” says Paul Kakert, head of production for EDP. “Having the opportunity to continue developing online learning solutions that reduce or eliminate the need for employees to travel to receive training offers a huge advantage to our government and private sector clients.”

Click here to see samples of some of the work EDP completed for NASA.

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Paul Kakert is a national award-winning director, editor, and producer specializing in the conception, development, production, marketing, and distribution of independent productions, including reality programming and documentaries. Owner and operator of Effective Digital Presentations, a video and multimedia production company in Iowa, since 1991, Paul has produced videos and 3D animations for broadcast, federal government, non-profit organizations, higher education, and corporate businesses throughout the United States. Recent clients include NASA, US Army and Coast Guard, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Paul has filmed in 8 different countries including India, Kosovo, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Japan and nearly every US state including Alaska. He is also an internationally published author on the topic of 3D animation techniques. In 2009 Paul founded Storytellers International, a non-profit organization that produces feature length documentary films on subjects from around the world. His 2010 release, Train to Nowhere: Inside an Immigrant Death Investigation, is currently available on NetFlix.

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