EDP offers our government and educational clients 2 convenient cost saving contract vehicles that make it easy to work with EDP and get the best rates available.

In December 2014, EDP was awarded a video production contract from TIPS, the Interlocal Purchasing System. TIPS is a purchasing program available through membership to all public and private schools, colleges, universities, cities, counties and other government entities in multiple states. If you are a member of TIPS, contact us today about your next video project. If you’re not a member of TIPS, and want to take advantage of the program benefits, please contact us about joining. Email paulk@edpvideo.com

EDP is also a GSA contractor for the federal government. Our initial contract was awarded in 2008. In 2013 our contract was renewed through 2018. EDP has been a leading supplier in SIN 541-4B for film and video production and offers GSA clients our best preferred client rates. Call 563-650-4862 or email paulk@edpvideo.com for information.

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